The building industry in the world and our country goes through a rapid change. ILKTAS Construction develops and shapes high-quality buildings steadfastly, within the industry that proceeds towards multiplicity and personal solutions in line with the building products and the requests of the consumers. We carry on our affordable and quality projects in our ongoing projects by maintaining our position in the sector for over 50 years, thanks to our passion in excellence. We will continue to take firm steps forward in the sector, by breaking new grounds.

We are applying TQM (Total Quality Management) in all stages of our construction and after sales. By applying TQM we build high quality properties, at right pricing objectives and we build them on time as promised.

We are aware of our corporate social responsibilities. We support the seminars about urban transformation and renovation projects in the city of Kusadasi. On the other hand, our team gets training about marketing applications.

ILKTAS Construction Company was established in 1968. As ILKTAS Construction Company, we have 50 years of experience in construction. We are building properties by keeping up with technology. 

Merih İlk
İLKTAŞ Construction Company Chairman of the Board
Civil Engineer

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Ferhat ILK (1942 – 1990)

Ferhat İlk was born in 1942, in Niğde. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Niğde. And he studied Civil Engineering in Istanbul Yıldız Technical University. After he completed his study, he had Master's Degree at the same University, to complete his thesis he has been in Germany and done research of his field. He worked as a senior manager in State Water Services and many public institutions. In 1968, our company was established in Ankara by Ferhat Ilk. He built many government projects in Ankara, Uşak and Niğde. In 1974, construction activities expanded to the Aegean region. Residential building cooperative constructions, private constructions and over 60 projects carried out with their own investments. Our founder Ferhat İLK passed away in 1990, he was married and had 3 children.

Ömer Merih ILK

Ömer Merih İlk was born in 1970, Ankara, Turkey. He completed his primary, secondary school and high school education in Kuşadası. He studied civil engineering, at Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University. After the graduation in 1991 he started working in different management levels of companies. He continues his activities as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at İLKTAŞ Construction company, which was established in 1998. During his management, more than 30 projects were completed. He has played an active role in the progress of the company with his international experience and management approach. He is married and has two children.

Duru ILK 

Duru İlk was born in Kuşadası in 1996. After completing her high school education in Kuşadası, she graduated from Yeditepe University, Department of International Trade and Management.She has been in USA for language education and she lived in the Netherlands for university education. After she completed her training in SMEs and MNCs in Istanbul, she started working for Ilktas Construction company in the field of marketing, sales and development.