3 Awards for NaturPort Kusadasi!


We were in London for the "International Property Awards", one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the real estate industry. In the award ceremony, 1900 projects from 123 countries were selected by the jury consisting of 82 people. As NaturPort Villas Kuşadası, we applied to the ceremony where the best of 2019-2020 was chosen and we took our place with excitement.

In October 2019 the best projects are selected among the countries in London "European Property Awards". As NaturPort Villas we were awarded as "Best Residential Development Turkey". Then, we nominated for the "Best Residential Development Europe" award at the gala night.

In December 2019, we took our place with excitement at the award ceremony held at Savoy Hotel in London. We received the "Best Residential Development Europe 2019-2020" award at the ceremony where the best of the continents were selected. Then, at the gala night, awards were given to the best project of the continents. We watched the announcement of the awards with excitement. When it came to our category, our project's name was announced and we selected as the "Best International Residential Development 2019-2020" among 6 continents.

Our project was appreciated both in terms of concept and design and we received these awards. We were proud to wave our country's flag by receiving the award for the most successful project of our category among 123 countries. We would like to thank all our team  who contributed.