Our projects are located at the best panoramic view of Kusadasi. You will be living very close to the city center, within the city lights, breathing fresh air and seeing green olive trees all over. 

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NaturPort Kusadasi offers an inner and natural life.

2019-2020 European Property Awards, NaturPort Kusadasi was selected as the Best Residential Development Project in Turkey, with 5 stars award. Our project was also nominated for the International Property Awards 2019-2020.

Siena Villa Tipi NaturPort
Lucca Villa Tipi NaturPort
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Address is located at the center of Kusadasi. Address offers you comfortable and modern concept and increasing investment scopes.  

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Phase 2

ADDRESS project consist of two phases which is designed to bring comfort to your lives. You will be living close to the city center, breathing fresh air and seeing city lights on the other hand green olive trees all over.

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The outstanding landscape with natural stone and green trees invites you to live this unique lifestyle in Bodrum!

Completed Projects

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A living space that offers the privileges and set the standards in the region where it was built and makes people feel happy with its richness of the architectural function. A project that offers the comfort of life with the high living standards where unlimited blue and green meet and makes its guests feel special…


Set yourself a beautiful place in magnificent nature. With a panoramic view of the stunning Aegean Sea from the top of the city, close to Kusadasi city center, Via Resort offers you a small slice of paradise.

Reference - Cypress Hill Villas Sogucak

These five bedroom villas are a reflection of European and Turkish architecture at the same time. With the stunning and wide panoramic view of Kusadasi bay, National Park and Samos Island of Greece, Cypress Hill, which is often mentioned during its period, continues to increase its value.

Reference - Spring Hill Villas Sogucak.j

This luxury detached villa has a modern design. Stunning panoramic views of Kusadasi bay and Samos Island in Greece. There was 7 different models of private villas, which are located in Long Beach. 

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Possibility of installment in 18 months maturity!


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- Kusadası is a popular district of Aydın province in the heart of the Aegean. It is a region where breathtaking natural beauties, lush forests, long coast shores and deep blue sea meet both holiday and entertainment. At the same time, our people, who are very sensitive to the environment, love and protect animals and nature.

- These lands, whose beauty was discovered before Christ, have been home to many cultures for thousands of years. B.C. In 500, the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, such as the history of many civilizations' traces. Ephesus Antique City, House of Virgin Mary and Caravanserai make you feel that you are living in history. Excavations in Kusadası, where a buried history lies, reveal historical structures that have just been discovered.

- Kusadasi; It is located in the middle of Izmir and Milas airports, one or two hours drive from both airports and it is possible to reach many central cities of Europe and Middle East by direct flights.

- Let's go! In summer and spring take a thin jacket, Kusadasi has the best breeze at night time. Always, breathe the fresh air and the fresh breeze with low humidity. You are free to swim in all seasons. In spring, summer and autumn local people swim and have the sea salt and sun inside their body. In winter, there is a mild weather in the coastal areas. Winter goes faster than the rest of the world. The rest of the year is spring in Kusadası.